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You, me, and Nick, working together to get your career where you want it to be

We’d like to work with you, one-on-one, to improve your copy, get you more work, and actively increase your earnings…

Copy reviews. Idea generation. Line edits. Career advice. Personal introductions. This is your chance to tap directly into decades of copywriting experience and connections


A dedicated Academy Discord channel to share ideas, talk to other members, and ask for advice…

Private face-to-face calls with me and Nick to discuss copy, talk about your career, and guide you in the right direction…

Personal copy reviews and line edits on your work to show you how to improve and become a better writer that can demand more money…

All of our Masterclasses, Industry Insight, and Career Makers videos, with experts including John Forde, Kim Krause Schwalm, Eddie Shleyner, Vikki Ross, Annabelle Ford, Brian York, Kerry Thorpe, and more…


Free access to in-depth talks from Stansberry Research’s Copy Chief, Kelly Brown… celebrated Creative Director, Steve Harrison… and AWAI founder and Agora legend Mark Ford.

Fellow Copywriter,

You can read all the books in the world…

You can attend every conference going, from Brighton to Baltimore…

You can “connect” with as many “celebrity copywriters” on LinkedIn as the algorithm will allow…

You can use templates…

Steal the latest “hack”…

You can even pretend you’re Drayton Bird if you like.

But nothing…

And I mean NOTHING…

(Not even my own brilliant book.)

Nothing will make you a stronger, more successful, or better-paid copywriter than working on real copy, one-to-one with copywriters who have had proven success.

Is it the only way?

Maybe. Or maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe you can study for 10,000 hours all alone in your spare room and become a master of persuasion.

Maybe you can watch hundreds of YouTube videos and TikTok memes until you’re running your own ad agency.

And maybe you can just say you’re an expert over and over again in the mirror until Bill Bonner himself calls you up looking for a new Copy Chief.

But I’m sure of one thing…

Relying on those “methods” will take ages.

Much quicker to sit down with people who know what they’re doing and have them go through your work, tell you where you’re going wrong, and show you how to improve it.

It seems more sensible.

It’s how I taught copywriters as a Copy Chief at Agora… copywriters who have gone on the become industry successes…

And it’s exactly what my business partner Nick O’Connor did as the Publisher at Agora’s London Office… teaching some of the most successful copywriters working today.

In fact, together, Nick and I are now privately hired to run copy training by Agora to find and employ copywriters to join the company.

Nick still writes copy for the most successful financial publishers — including Agora and Stansberry Research — in the US, Australia, and the UK…

And I now write copy for some of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world, the likes of Huel, the Canary Wharf Group, and British Land.

Bottom line is:

We live and breathe copy, and our expertise is sought out for a hefty price.

That’s not me bragging. Be clear: I’m an anxious idiot, who has all the same insecurities as you, and I’m open about that.

And Nick is just plain weird.

But I’m making this point to show that however strange we might be, Nick and I do know what we’re talking about when it comes to copywriting.

We’re not just dining out on a single piece of copy we wrote decades ago…

We didn’t “luck out” writing something that was bound to work for whoever wrote it…

And we’re not basing all our knowledge on a hunch, or something some washed-up guru told us in an email years ago.

We are active copywriters working in the industry today.

We see how things are changing…

We test new ideas all the time…

And we understand that to be a good copywriter, you need to develop CONSTANTLY.

That’s why we get hired to teach other copywriters how to do this.

But what I’m writing to you about now is something much more personal than that…

Something much more intensive.

I’m talking about private, one-to-one mentoring from both me and Nick.

I’m talking about private calls, live feedback sessions, tailored advice, line edits on your copy, and introductions to publishers and agencies…

I’m talking about Nick and me providing you with the real, TANGIBLE support you need to become a stronger, more successful, and better-paid copywriter.


Well, in short, I’d like to invite you to join The Fix Academy.

But before you do, I need to be boldly honest…

Copywriting is not easy

Too many pretenders in this industry tell you that copywriting is easy.

It’s not.

It’s hard.

And to do it properly…

To get paid six figures (and yes, it is possible)…

You have to work at it.

If you’re content with “hitting and hoping” each month, praying you’ll get enough work in to cover the costs while presenting yourself online as some kind of ninja copywriting master…

Hell, that’s fine.

Have at it, my friend.

If you’re happy with that state of affairs, you’re probably NOT the right kind of person to work so closely with me and Nick.

But if you acknowledge that copywriting is hard…

If you acknowledge that it’s a serious business…

And if you acknowledge that it’s something that requires constant learning…

We might be able to help you.

Don’t get me wrong…

Though copywriting is hard, it’s a lot of fun too.

I’ve made a career out of being weird, being a bit silly, and generally mucking about.

Hell, I once had a comic strip published about a copywriting duck.

But when it comes to the writing itself…

When it comes to kicking out sales letters, websites, content pieces, Facebook ads and outdoor branding for clients that generate millions around the world…

Both Nick and I are very serious.

And we’re very serious about our aim with The Fix Academy — to take copywriters who want to succeed by the hand and show them how.

So far, it’s working.

Take a look at what one of our members, Tom Render, has to say about his experience so far:

Tom Render, Copywriter

“Working with Nick and Glenn has been great. In my opinion, there’s no quicker way to improve your copywriting than getting feedback on your work. I’ve tried a bunch of different copy ‘review’ and coaching programs and most rush through the critiques and push you to watch a video. The Fix Academy is different. Nick and Glenn take the time to review your copy line by line. They break it down and really work with you to improve. I feel like I get better with every round of reviews. As a freelancer, having this level of feedback gives me the confidence to defend my copy when presenting to clients. And it means I can constantly pitch new projects with conviction.”

In its simplest form, you can think of The Fix Academy as our tailored, one-on-one coaching program.

It’s designed to help you rapidly improve your copywriting skills, get insider industry guidance, and land the job (or client, or project) that you’re shooting for.

Like I said, you shouldn’t expect it to be easy.

Quite the opposite…

We’re expecting you to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into some serious writing.

But we’ll be right there with you.

As a member of The Fix Academy, you’ll be joining a small group of hungry copywriters who’re hell-bent on breaking into the industry.

By ‘small group’, we mean really small.

There are only 20 places available at The Fix Academy at any one time.

That’s it.

Once they’re taken, you’ll have to wait for another writer to graduate and for a space to become available.

The reason for that strict limit is obvious…

We work with you one-on-one, and that takes up a lot of our time.

We meet as a group once a week to discuss your project, dissect copy that’s out there in the market, and share advice.

But you’ll also get two one-on-one sessions with us every month.

These sessions are your chance to get detailed, in-depth feedback and advice.

Believe me:

This is how real top-level copywriters develop.

Between me and Nick, we’ve hired more than 50 copywriters and worked with hundreds more.

We know how to train successful copywriters.

We know the pitfalls and common traps.

And we know how to accelerate things.

If you want to succeed as a copywriter, and you’re serious about putting in the hard work that’s needed…

Nick and I will do everything we can to get you where you need to be.

What can you expect as a member of The Fix Academy?

When you become a member of The Fix Academy, Nick and I will both…

COLLABORATE with you as you develop ideas, hooks, and pitches for your client or potential employer.

REVIEW your work to help you sharpen it, rework it, and improve it (writing is rewriting, remember).

LINE-EDIT your copy, to really put a polish on your work (there is no feedback more honest, or useful, than a ‘red pen’ edit).

GUIDE you as you prepare to submit your pitch to your chosen publisher or agency (we’ve reviewed more CVs, resumes, and cover letters than most people have had hot dinners – we know what to say, and what not to say).

CONNECT you with prospective employers and give you the inside insights you need to land a gig that’s right for you.

RECOMMEND you to agencies and publishers we think you’d make a great fit for, when the time is right.

We’ll be your coach.

We’ll be your mentor.

We’ll be your friend.

Whatever you want to call it, we’re here to help you achieve what you want to achieve from your career as a copywriter.

If you know anything about us, you’ll know we’re not the toxic, macho “Copy Bro” types who’ll claim to make you millions with quick cheats.

We’re not tired, old “guru” types who used to fetch coffee for David Ogilvy, or clean Bill Bernbach’s shoes.

And we’re not cynical “legacy agency owner” types who haven’t written a word of their own copy for decades and spend most of their time claiming that advertising is dead.

We are working copywriters. Like you.

We’ll expect you to work, to put in some effort here, and take things seriously.

We will be critical of your work. We will take a red pen to a lot of what you write. And we will push you.

But we’ll do so with reason, and we’ll explain clearly what changes you can make to the way you approach idea generation, research, writing, and editing.

We’ll share insights into our own approaches and the approaches of experts we know in the industry.

Sometimes we’ll even introduce you to those experts personally if we think there’s an opportunity there for you to work with them directly, as we have done with another member of The Fix Academy, Alex Boulter…

Alex Boulter, Copywriter

“Nick and Glenn, between them, have an extremely deep knowledge of all things copywriting, and if you’re looking to quickly improve your writing, I don’t know of a better way than to join The Fix Academy. If you’re trying to break into financial copywriting, working with Nick and Glenn will give you the full experience of working with a copy chief to take your copy from the initial research and idea stage to the point where it could be sent to a publisher… but only if you put in the work.”

Like I said, we take a tailored, bespoke approach to teaching each individual member, so it will always be slightly different.

But what doesn’t change is the simple fact that we’ll do all we can to help you achieve your goals.

Of course, the chances are that you’re reading this because you already know something about me and Nick.

Still, if you’ve stumbled here by chance and it sounds like an attractive opportunity, here’s the boring “professional” bit about who we are…

Who are we?

Glenn Fisher

Glenn Fisher is an author, copywriter, and speaker. His best-selling book on copywriting, The Art of the Click, was shortlisted for a Business Book of the Year award and has been translated into Chinese and Korean. He created the hit copywriting podcast All Good Copy and is a co-founder of The Fix. He writes and consults for some of the most recognized brands in the world today. He lives on the east coast of England, where he is currently working on his first novel.

Nick O’Connor

Nick O’Connor is one of the most sought-after direct-response copywriters in the world. He spent over a decade writing for various divisions in the Agora publishing world and spent several years as both the Head of Copy, and Publisher, of Agora’s financial imprint in the UK, Southbank Investment Research. Today, as well as co-founding The Fix, he writes freelance for financial publishers in the UK, US, and Australia and consults with Agora companies around the world.

That’s us.

But this is really about you.

It’s about figuring out what will make YOU a successful copywriter and then us helping you work towards that.

It’s why I encourage you to think about this opportunity as making an investment in yourself.

In fact, that sounds like a subhead to me…

Make a serious investment in yourself

I’ll break all the rules of copywriting and tell you now…

It is expensive to join The Fix Academy.

I speak to people who pay £20,000 – £50,000 a year to be in mastermind groups and spend time one-on-one like we’re offering here.

Nick and I charge companies like Agora £15,000 for just a couple of days of our time training copywriters.

Some folks will pay £2,000 for a single feedback session.

This level of interaction is expensive and it should be.

But we know not everyone — especially if you’re still only getting started — can afford that kind of money. Especially up front.

So, we’re doing things a little differently to make The Fix Academy more accessible.

We’re dropping the cost. And we’re making it monthly.

So, to join The Fix Academy and get personal, one-on-one time with me and Nick, it costs just £500 a month, plus VAT.

Or roughly $600 a month if you’re in the US.

(And I should say we have contacts in offices all over the world, from the Baltimore and Florida to Brazil and France. It doesn’t matter where you are — we can help.)

This pricing strcuture means you can effectively pay as you go.

Indeed, hopefully, with our help, you’ll be able to increase how much money you’re making as a copywriter. (Let’s not kid ourselves, that’s the aim, right?)

But still, even at this level, joining is a significant investment. It’s not cheap.

There are three reasons for that…

One, you will be getting a lot of our time, and that time is expensive. We usually charge four figures for one day of our time and charge five figures for most projects we work on. That means, to dedicate as much time as we need to on this, we have to be realistic about the cost.

Two, you’re paying to get taught a skill that will last you forever and should help you generate thousands of pounds a month once you’ve mastered it. That is valuable. And it’s a serious thing. You wouldn’t turn up at Oxford or Cambridge and expect to be taught for a tenner, or turn up at Harvard with five dollars in your pocket.

Three, this is a serious investment in yourself and we need to know you’re taking it seriously. We don’t want chancers. We want to work with people who understand the value of what we’re doing and respect the fact that we are giving you our time. That might make us sound a bit serious, but like I say, this is a serious venture, and we want you to be committed.

That all said, we only expect you to be in The Fix Academy as long as you need to be.

The aim is for you to graduate and get where you want to be.

And fast.

It’s like another member, Daryl Bennett, points out. He wouldn’t be where he is already without our help…

Daryl Bennett, Copywriter

“Joining The Fix Academy has made me a better copywriter. Every piece of copy I get reviewed is improved. I understand the industry more thanks to Nick and Glenn’s advice. And my confidence as a writer is growing. I wouldn’t have got so far, so quickly without them.”

Whether you’re looking to work in-house at an agency, get on the books for an Agora business, or you want to write as a freelancer…

That’s up to you.

But once you graduate and get where you need to be, we want you to stop paying and free up a space for a new student.

That’s the plan here.

Of course, I know that price point will mean this isn’t for everyone…

And the last thing we want you to do is stretch to be a member. We have other means of helping copywriters that are much cheaper and one of those is likely a better fit if this seems like a stretch.

But if you’re looking for something more…

If you’re serious about succeeding as a copywriter…

And if you want to make a serious investment in yourself…

Then I encourage you to take the leap and join The Fix Academy.

When you do, as well as getting access to all of the benefits membership of The Fix Academy gets you, you’ll also get access to all the masterclasses and expert interviews we provide for members of The Fix Accelerator.

You see, we run everything through a platform called Patreon.

It means we don’t have to mess around building a paywall or finding a payment processor (which we’re both useless at). And it means you can sign up quickly and easily.

It also means you can cancel your membership at any time, via Patreon.

Basically, it works for everyone and means we can spend more time giving you valuable advice and guidance. Which is as it should be.

Patreon is easy to use. You just sign up, pay your first £500 and you’ll get instant access to everything, on your phone or computer.

Then we’ll be in touch to arrange our first live onboarding call.

This will be a private call with you, me, and Nick, in which we’ll get to find out more about you, and what you want to achieve as a member of The Fix Academy, and we’ll put together a plan to get you where you need to be.

Look, if you get what we’re offering here, I know you’ll not want to muck about and have me ramble on for any longer.

Instead, I know you’ll want to get started.

So, let’s make it happen.

Hit this button…

Or click this link to the Patreon page.

Click through and select your membership level as The Fix Academy.

Follow the instructions to sign up, and then you’ll be in and we can get started.

Accelerator members:

If you’re already a member of The Fix Accelerator, you can upgrade your membership by selecting the “Membership” tab in Patreon. You’ll get to enjoy all the existing benefits of being a member of The Fix Accelerator, but you’ll get everything that comes with being a member of The Fix Academy too.

Look, if you’re ready for this…

If you’re ready to take your copywriting career to the next level and leave behind all the pretenders and wannabes out there…

If you’re ready to be a real copywriter who can charge a lot more than the two-bit surveys suggest you can…

Then let’s do it.


Glenn Fisher
The Fix Academy

P.S. Of course, it wouldn’t be right not to have a PS on this invitation, especially seeing as you’ll get access to a masterclass entirely dedicated to the subject.

But I do also want to tell you that when you become a member of The Fix Academy, you’ll be joining our highest level of membership, and that means we try to give you as many bonus perks as we’re able.

On that note, when you join today, as well as getting access to a whole range of masterclasses and expert interviews, you’ll also get free access to three very special talks from Steve Harrison, Kelly Brown, and Mark Ford.

Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison is one of the most celebrated copywriters living today and has authored some of the most popular books on the subject ever. His depth of knowledge when it comes to copy is unparalleled.

Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown is the Copy Chief at Stansberry Research, one of the most successful financial publishers in America. If you want to work in financial publishing, this is someone you need to listen to.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford is perhaps one of the most successful direct-response copywriters and businessmen around today, having launched countless million- and billion-dollar businesses. He taught me most of what I know today.

You’ll get access to these talks and more, for free. It’s all just part of us trying to guide you in the right direction and make sure you’re able to learn from the best in the business.

So, to join The Fix Academy, as I say, visit our Patreon page here and select “Academy” level. We’ll be in touch soon after and will start doing all we can to make you a stronger, more successful, and better paid copywriter.

Let’s do it.

The Fix
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