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Before you write another word of copy, master the simple 4-U Formula hidden in EVERY multi-million dollar sales promotion

Over six intensive video masterclasses, two of the most sought-after six-figure Copy Chiefs will show you how to use this simple formula in your copy to attract more customers and make more sales

(…and yeah, the formula is at work in this promotion too)

Dear Reader,

The secret to writing successful sales copy was discovered by two unassuming American men nearly forty years ago.

One was called Bill.

The other Mark.

Since then, they’ve used it to write sales copy that has generated millions around the world and helped to grow businesses worth billions.

In New York and London, Paris and Tokyo, Melbourne and Mumbai…

It’s been used to sell financial advice, health supplements, rare stamps, best-selling books, sold-out conferences, and private cruises… we even used it ourselves to successfully sell strands of Elvis’ hair. (Seriously.)

The 4-U Formula is at play in this promotion:

It made hundreds of thousands of pounds in the UK, a country most people would say it wouldn’t work.

It’s in use here:

A sales promotion that helped to attract thousands of new customers year after year, helping the small business it was used to promote grow, and expand into a million-pound powerhouse.

It was even used here:

And this became one of the most successful direct-response promotions in the UK ever.

(A pretty controversial one, but that’s for another time.)

Today, we’ll show you how you can harness the power of the 4-U Formula too…

And use it to help you write successful sales copy that people can’t resist.

Be clear, too…

The 4-U Formula doesn’t just apply to direct-response copy.


You can see the formula (and Iggy) at work in outdoor advertising here…

Here in this old-school Maccy D’s advert…

And even here, in this modern Apple advert…

That’s how fundamental the 4-U Formula really is.

It impacts all forms of advertising to this very day.

But hang on…

What about those two blokes we mentioned?

Those unassuming Americans called Bill and Mark?


Bill Bonner is the founder of the international multi-million dollar financial publishing giant Agora, and Mark Ford is the co-founder of the hugely respected and influential American Writer’s and Artist Institute, or AWAI.

You might know them. You might not.

They are both obscenely successful people, having founded businesses that have generated billions in sales around the world.

I mean, we’ve stayed in Bill’s French chateau and had breakfast in Mark’s beach-front home in Florida…

Trust us, these guys are not mucking about.

But here’s the thing…

One of the key reasons they’ve been so successful is because of their deep understanding of how sales promotions work.

Frankly, it’s in large part thanks to the 4-U Formula they discovered all those years ago.

You see, the story goes that they analyzed hundreds of sales promotions and identified four elements present in almost every piece of copy that worked.

They found that…

Every successful sales promotion has an element of URGENCY

Is in some way USEFUL

Has an element that is UNIQUE

And focuses on details that are ULTRA-SPECIFIC.

By repeating this simple formula — known as the 4-U Formula — they were able to write successful sales promotions over and over again, helping their businesses generate millions… even billions of dollars in revenue.

Today, we’ll show you how to harness the power of the 4-U Formula for yourself.


You’re a copywriter, looking to write more breakthrough sales copy…

You’re a marketer, looking for ways to improve the copy you’ve got to work with…

You’re a business owner, looking for new ways to approach the market…

Either way…

You need to write copy that makes more sales. (We know your pain.)

Thankfully, that’s what the 4-U Formula can teach you.


We could waffle on for an hour or so about this, but honestly, there’s no need to make it any more complicated than that.

It’s a “route one” problem/solution situation…

Your problem:
Copy that isn’t firing on all cylinders.

Your solution:
A proven formula for successful copy.

That’s what we want to share with you today.


By sharing with you the secrets of the 4-U Formula that Bill and Mark personally taught us.

If that sounds like something that would help move the dial for you…

You need to get access to this now.

Good news is: it couldn’t be easier.

Well, it could technically be easier…

We could attempt to transmit the knowledge to you directly from our minds into yours, but we don’t know how to do that… yet.

For now, we’ve done the next best thing…

Just hit this link and you’ll get access to six masterclasses that go into detail about how this formula works.

Watch the classes.

Apply the formula to your existing copy.

And boom, more sales.


If it doesn’t work, we’ll jump on a call with you personally to figure out the problem.


That’s how convinced we are the techniques you’ll discover in these masterclasses will help you improve your copy.

But let’s back up…

You have questions…

Who are we?

We’re Glenn Fisher and Nick O’Connor, two copywriters who have been working in the advertising industry for decades.

Yes, TWO people… hence the use of ‘we’ in this letter.

It’s kind of weird, we know. But as we work together and as you’ll get to learn from both of us, the whole ‘we’ thing seems appropriate.

It’s not the royal ‘we’. We’re just normal.

That’s not true. We’re weird. But anyway…

We’re the co-founders of The Fix, a private network set up to support copywriters around the world.

Hundreds of copywriters, marketers, and business owners — from Bolton to Brazil — look to us for advice about how to sell stuff.

Just recently we hosted the first-ever copywriting festival in the UK, Fix Fest.

It was held in a crypt under a church in London. (Told you we’re weird.)

We hosted 200 copywriters from around the world.

They met industry legends, connected with potential employers, and generally discovered how to succeed as a copywriter.

We’ve both run divisions of Agora in the UK and today both still write for companies like Agora and Stansberry, as well as working for major commercial brands, such as Huel, the Canary Wharf Group, and Westminster Insight.

Here we are:

Glenn Fisher

Glenn Fisher is an author, copywriter, and speaker. A former Agora Copy Chief, his best-selling book on copywriting, The Art of the Click, was shortlisted for a Business Book of the Year award and has been translated into Chinese and Korean. He created the hit copywriting podcast All Good Copy and is a co-founder of The Fix. He writes and consults for some of the most recognized brands in the world today. He lives on the east coast of England, where he is currently working on his first novel.

Nick O’Connor

Nick O’Connor is one of the most sought-after direct-response copywriters in the world. He spent over a decade writing for various divisions in the Agora publishing world and spent several years as both the Head of Copy, and Publisher, of Agora’s financial imprint in the UK, Southbank Investment Research. Today, as well as co-founding The Fix, he writes freelance for financial publishers in the UK, US, and Australia and consults with Agora companies around the world.

That’s us.

But what about YOU?

Who are you, and is the 4-U Formula for you?

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to figure out how to write copy that makes more sales.

It’s for…


Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been writing copy for decades, this proven formula will help you up your game and write copy that converts.


You’re tasked with making more sales but the copy you’re working with isn’t pulling them in. These masterclasses will show you how to test new copy yourself.

Business owners

Watch them yourself, or share these masterclasses with your sales team and you’re sure to see an improvement in the copy your business is producing.

What am I paying for?

You’ll get access to six video masterclasses that break down each element of the 4-U Formula and give guidance on how to apply it to your copy.

(You can access the masterclasses online and watch them as many times as you like.)

You’ll also get access to an exclusive talk from one of the creators of the formula itself, author, entrepreneur, and master copywriter, Mark Ford.

Plus, you’ll get access to a mini-swipe file that contains three direct-response sales letters that use the formula (two of them are the examples we showed you earlier).


THE 4-U FORMULA MASTERCLASSES: Six video masterclasses that break down each element of this proven sales-making formula.

THE 4-U FORMULA LECTURE: A talk from one of the men who first discovered this formula and used it to grow numerous billion-dollar businesses.

THE 4-U FORMULA SWIPE FILE: A mini-swipe file that features three successful sales promotions showing practical ways this formula is used.

GET ACCESS NOW: You can quickly unlock the whole 4-U Formula Bundle to write more successful copy today…

How much is it?

It always comes down to money, doesn’t it?

Boring old money.

But let’s put it in perspective…

Think how much it would cost you to attend an event or book private time with a master copywriter.

It could be £500… £1,000… even more.

We’ve seen Drayton Bird charge more than £2,000 just to touch his shoe.

John Carlton won’t even look at another copywriter for less than £10,000.

And Kevin Rogers…he only accepts raw gold dug from mines in Botswana.

It’s fair enough. They’re big names.

Think how much it might cost to get a consultant in for a day to teach you or your team.

Again, it would be hundreds. Thousands for a good one.

We charge five figures ourselves to go into businesses and teach copy for a few days.

But look…

To get access to more than four hours of intensive, focused tutoring with us in these six exclusive masterclasses, it won’t cost anywhere near that.

It will cost just £45 (+VAT), or the equivalent wherever you’re based.

That’s all. (A pittance, I tell you. A PITTANCE!)

It’s a single, one-time-only cost. No ongoing fees or anything mucky like that.

This formula could help you generate hundreds, thousands, or even millions of pounds for yourself and your business.

But today you’ll pay less than a good copywriter might make in an hour.


Because we hope that when you see how useful and valuable these masterclasses are, you’ll want to learn more from us.

Perhaps you’ll join our membership group. Perhaps you’ll hire us to come into your agency. Perhaps you’ll book us for your bar mitzvah.

If not, fair enough.

There’s no catch. No scam. No nonsense.

We’re keeping this priced reasonably so you can see what we do and see the value.

At the same time, if you never spend another penny with us, we haven’t lost out and we can put that money towards reaching out to more people who might find our ideas useful.

How do I get access?

Hit one of the big purple buttons on this page or one of the links…

Go through the prompts on the checkout…

And then you’ll receive an email from us with a link and password to access the masterclasses online.

It’s as simple as that.

And here’s the button:

Have other people bought this?


And the feedback has been great.

People find it useful. We think you will too.

“Fantastic series Glenn and Nick. Thanks.”

Ben Figg, Copywriter

“This has been such an excellent series. I’m sure I’ll be returning to it plenty over the next year or so. Thanks again, gents.”

Dan Cooper, Copywriter

“Thanks. I enjoyed the class very much. It was super useful.”

Elena de Francisco, Copywriter

Do you have any more questions?

How often do we hug?

What are our shoe sizes?

Which one of us is afraid of ketchup?

Email us at and we’ll answer them.

Otherwise, here’s the button you need to hit to get access now…

Look, it comes down to this…

(Sssshh. Serious moment. We’re closing the promotion.)

We’ve both been writing successful copy for decades and have helped businesses around the world generate millions in sales.

Without a doubt, the secret of the 4-U Formula has had the biggest impact on our ability to write successful copy.

That’s why we’d like to share with you how it works and how to use it in your own writing.

We hope you choose to unlock the secret and look forward to hearing how it helps transform your copy.

And if you don’t. Well, let’s not go there.

Best wishes,

Glenn Fisher & Nick O’Connor
The Fix

The Fix
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