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Ex-Agora Copy Chief and author of the best-selling copywriting bible, The Art of the Click, finally reveals the secret all copywriters want to know…

“How to land your next client before you close your laptop tonight…”


Access to my exclusive “More Money, More Clients” video masterclass is restricted and only for members of my private copywriting network

Read on to find out how you can join today and get immediate access to this and more than twenty other copywriting masterclasses…

In this exclusive masterclass, you’ll discover:


The quickest way to increase the money you make as a copywriter. It’s not easy, and it takes practice — but once you’re able to master this simple technique, you’ll see the results in your bank account almost immediately (Fast forward to 1 min 42)


An overlooked technique for finding clients that are desperate for copy. While everyone else waits at the back of the queue for gigs, you can get yourself right to the front and make yourself attractive to even more clients in the process (Revealed at 5 mins 59)


Why you should do everything you can to make yourself a nobody in the industry. It’s the most counter-intuitive advice you’ll ever receive, but when you realise how it could turn you into one of the most in-demand copywriters around, you’ll kick yourself for not doing this sooner (Skip to 7 mins 53)


Avoid the number one pitch mistake almost every junior copywriter makes (and most senior copywriters too). The way you’re contacting clients is probably wrong and will be damaging your chances of ever being noticed. This is how you fix it (It’s all explained at 10 mins 52)


The ONE embarrassing process you must go through above everything else if you want to get paid more. I’ll reveal the fundamental change you must make to your copywriting process if you want to be successful and stop chasing clients one month to the next (Go to 15 mins 25 to see what it is)

Fellow Copywriter,

Let’s not muck about…

We’re both busy.

Chances are you’re busy on a deadline, trying to find new clients, or managing your finances.

That’s not me being crude — it’s just I figure that’s why you’re still reading, that something in the headline complex has got you interested.

I don’t blame you.

I’ve been where you are…

You wonder how you’re going to pay the bills each month… wonder where the next gig is coming from… wonder why everyone else seems to make a decent living from copywriting, but you’re struggling.

I’ve been in this game a long time now and I’ve spoken to hundreds… no… thousands of copywriters around the world…

And when they ask my advice, it always comes down to the same thing…

How do I find more clients

And how do I get paid more for my work?

It’s hard. But it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s very possible to make a lot more money than you realise. And it can be a whole lot easier to get clients than most people make out.

But only if you do things the right way.

The trouble is, most advice out there is nonsense.

It’s the blind leading the blind. Smoke and mirrors. Half-successful copywriters second-guessing other half-successful copywriters — all fully scared that they might lose business to the other.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Getting more clients. And getting paid more can be easy. And everyone can do it. There’s enough work to go around.

So, to show you how to change your thinking on this in a way that will have positive results for everyone, I’ve recorded a masterclass that reveals the five things you can start doing today to get paid more money and get more clients.

But I’m not giving it away for free.

There’s a good reason for that, as you’ll discover in the masterclass itself.

That said, I’m not going to charge anywhere near what this insight is really worth.

All I ask is that you join my private copywriting network.

It’s called The Fix Accelerator and it costs £10 a month to be a member. (Or $12 depending on where you are in the world — and this advice is universal.)

When you join, you’ll get immediate access to the masterclass (and many more) and if you wanted, you could cancel your membership after the first month and only ever pay £10.

I don’t think you’ll want to. But it gives you a way out if it’s not right, a way out that won’t leave you out of pocket.

So, if you want more clients, and you’d like to make more money, you can join right now, on our Patreon page here, or hit the “Join now” button below…

It’s up to you, whether you want to join or not.

But if you do join The Fix Accelerator, I think you’ll find it pretty useful.


Well, here’s what else you get when you join…

Everything that’s included in your membership…

Industry insights from real copywriting and marketing insiders

I have been in the business for a long time. I’ve met a lot of interesting people. And – given I’m actively still writing and working with businesses all over the world – this network is always growing.

As a member of The Fix Accelerator, you’ll be able to benefit from that network, too. In fact, each month I invite a new industry expert to join us to share their insights and experience with you.

There are already over 20 interviews waiting for you…

Including interviews with Agora copywriting legend John Forde

Copy Chief at Stansberry Research, Kelly Brown

Copywriting legends like Vikki Ross (Sky)… James Cross (ex-BBC)… Andrew Boulton (author of Copywriting Is)… and Eddie Shleyner (of Very Good Copy fame)… and so many more.

You’re going to be hearing from some of THE best copywriters, creative directors, and business owners in the world.

That might be a copy chief like Annabelle Ford who is hiring new writers…

Or a legendary copywriter like Kim Krause Schwalm revealing how to approach your next piece of writing…

Or a marketer like Grant Perry who we spoke to recently, discussing what’s actually working out there in the market right now (this kind of ‘on the ground’ intelligence can be priceless).

This is a network that’s taken us decades in the industry to build up.

But you’ll start benefiting from it right away.

A monthly Copywriting Masterclass, followed by an “Ask Us Anything” session

No matter how long you’ve been writing copy, you can always improve. Truth is there’s always some new technique, idea, trend, or format to add to your copy toolkit — and our mission in these tutorials is to help you constantly improve and sharpen your copy skills.

Every month me and Nick O’Connor, who co-founded The Fix Accelerator with me, share a detailed, in-depth tutorial on one aspect of the copywriting world.

This could be something as simple as improving your research or sharpening up your headline. It could be a new way to generate ideas for a promotion, campaign, or blog post. Or it might involve mastering a new format, like a webinar, interview, or VSL.

In fact, there are already more than 20 masterclasses waiting for you when you join.

These sessions are all ready for you now.

You could be getting stuck into them in the next 30 minutes. Just hit the “Join now” button to see how to start your membership.

But we have a lot more coming. And as we move forward, you’ll be able to contact us with extra questions and suggestions. We’ll let you know what we’re planning to cover in advance, and you’ll be able to submit questions for us to answer in advance too, and make requests.

Because that’s a part of this… it’s a two-way street. We WANT to hear from you. We want to talk to you, answer your questions, and help tailor what we’re doing to your own goals and challenges.

A free ticket to our Fix Accelerator Socials

Fancy a drink?

How many great ideas have started with those words? How many new opportunities… new connections… new campaigns… began over a beer or two? Put a bunch of creative people in a room together and you just know something interesting will happen. Probably something a bit stupid.

(Like the time we broke into the basement of a French chateau to find the most expensive wine at 5am. But that’s a story for another day.)

Still, that’s all part of the adventure. And the relationships you build when you’re actually WITH other people in the industry are crucial to your success. So, we want to accelerate that. We want to buy you a pint. Or a glass of wine. Or a gin. But not all three – that would just be a mess.

But if you want to get your copy reviewed live and in person… or you want to network with other writers and marketers… or you just want to join us for a few drinks… you’ll want to come along to our socials. We’re going to try and have these two or three times a year. We have the first one lined up for this September.

And as a member of The Fix Accelerator, your ticket (and first drink) will be on the house. We’d love you to be there. And we’ll share more details with you once you’re all signed up as a member.

A private Discord channel for members

Emails, tutorials, and videos are all well and good — but a real network is a little more informal than that.

We want you to be able to get in touch with us – and each other – much more easily.

So, we’ve set up a private Discord Channel (if you don’t know… Discord is like a private social messaging platform. You can quickly and easily send messages, share pictures, videos, and that sort of thing).

TRIGGER WARNING: It’s a crazy channel, for a number of reasons (writers are a weird bunch).

But I think it’s great. It’s your way of building connections with both us and your fellow members.

Could be a snap review… could be a way of sharing a job opportunity… or reviewing a piece of copy that’s really working. You’ll be able to reach us quickly and easily.

A private episode of The Fix – recorded just for you

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already seen the public copy reviews we share in The Fix.

But look. We know that not everyone wants to have their copy reviewed so publicly. And that’s fine. So how about this…

When you join The Fix Accelerator, we’ll review your copy for you… privately. You send us the copy. We review it on camera and provide suggestions, ideas, and improvements. And we share that feedback with you – and only you.

So, you get the benefit of a copy review from either Nick or me, or both, without ever having to share your copy in public.

We’ll show you how to submit your copy for review as soon as you join as a member.

So, what do you say?

If you want to join a growing network of like-minded copywriters…

If you want to connect with some of the best people in the business…

And if you want to stop running around, chasing clients, and wondering if your next invoice will cover the bills for this month…

I urge you to give us a chance, join our private network, and get access to my “More money, more clients” masterclass today — I think it will change things for you.

And look, if it doesn’t, here’s what we’ll do…

You can email us, tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll set up a private one-to-one call with you to discuss your specific challenge and suggest ways you could overcome it.

And again, all we ask is that you join The Fix Accelerator for at least one month.

We run the whole network through Patreon, and to join, you just need to sign-up through that.

When you do, you’ll find a “Getting Started” video that explains how to access all the benefits of membership, and then you can scroll through all the masterclasses — including my brand new “More Money, More Clients” masterclass — and absorb a whole lot of copywriting insight.

There’s a link to the Patreon here.

Or you can hit the “Join now” button below:

It’s your call — you’re in control of your decisions and only you know what’s right for you…

But I hope to welcome you to The Fix Accelerator today and hopefully, my video masterclass will give you the insight you need to finally start making more money and getting more gigs.

Hit this link to go to the Patreon page and become a member.


Glenn Fisher
The Fix Accelerator

P.S. Of course, I’m biased when it comes to talking about The Fix Accelerator. I’ve put a lot of work into it and so naturally, I’m going to say it’s good.

So, in case you’re wondering what other copywriters think about it, here are some of our members explaining why they love being a part of The Fix Accelerator

If you’d like to join copywriters like Annabelle, Daniel, and Jamie…

If you’d like to learn from copywriting legends like John Forde, Vikki Ross, Kim Krause Schwalm, Eddie Shleyner, and James Cross…

And if you’d like to get immediate access to my “More More, More Clients” masterclass…

All you need to do is join The Fix Accelerator via our Patreon page.

You can do that right now by clicking on the “Join now” button below.

Go for it.

Take your copywriting career to the next level, and get involved…

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