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Former Agora Copy Chief and best-selling author of The Art of the Click shares his secret to attracting and keeping clients:

Copy and paste these seven lines into your email to land your next paying client

COPYWRITERS: Steal my Instant Response template to land dream clients and stop worrying whether you’ll survive another month freelancing

Fellow Copywriter,

Look at this email:

I’ve blurred it for now, but this is the message you’re going to use to land your next paying client.

In fact, you’re going to use it to get your next TEN paid gigs.

After that…

Well, you might not need to pitch clients anymore.

You could easily be pulling in between three or four grand a month — maybe more.

It’s super simple.

Just copy and paste these lines into your email…

Make a few tweaks, which will take about 7 minutes (I’ll talk you through them in a second)…

And then send it to your dream client.

When you do, you’ll MASSIVELY up your chances of landing a four- or five-figure copywriting job.

Or, if you prefer…

You can carry on posting carousels on LinkedIn every day in the hope that a business owner randomly asks you for work.

They won’t — but I’m not going to stop you from trying to be successful that way.

I’m just telling you… it’s a waste of your time and anyone who tells you different is feeding you a load of BS.

My name, by the way, is Glenn Fisher.

I’m a copywriter, like you.

I’m also the founder of two internationally successful copywriting businesses…

I’m the author of The Art of the Click, a guide to writing copy that was so successful it’s even been translated into Chinese and Korean..

And I founded the most trusted (and by far the coolest) community of copywriters in Britain – The Fix.

Here’s a couple of snaps from our annual festival, Fix Fest, held in a crypt under a church in Clerkenwell…

Hundreds of copywriters — thousands even — turn to me for help and advice on how to earn more, how to land more clients, and how to stop their copywriting careers floundering before they’ve even begun.

Like Daryl Bennett, who says my advice has:

“…made me a better copywriter. I wouldn’t have got so far, so quickly without him.”

Or Alex Djain, who says what I do is:

“…an invaluable resource to help me grow and get my skills to the next level.”

And Nicola Joyce, who says:

“I’m now confidently pitching fees much higher than I would be if I wasn’t getting advice from Glenn.”

But though I’ve helped countless up-and-coming writers worldwide, I’ve never shared my own private formula for winning new clients… until today.

Why now?


I know what it’s like to send out pitch emails and feel like you’re getting nowhere…

So, look…

If you haven’t made the lightning start to your copywriting career you hoped…

Of if you feel like your career is floundering a bit and not going as well as it should be…

Or if you’re truly stressed… running out of leads… out of patience… and — more urgently — if you’re running out of money…

…this is for you.

Because let me tell you… struggling to land clients is not an uncommon problem.

If it feels like freelancing is impossible, like everyone else is somehow succeeding, but you’re struggling to get enough gigs to even survive the month…

Or maybe if it’s got to the point you’re thinking freelancing isn’t for you. You’re thinking about going back to the 9-5 before the bank starts calling. Or you’re thinking about giving up copywriting completely.

Please don’t.


Here’s the reality:

To succeed in this game, all you really need is a handful of good clients who keep coming back to you time and time again.

And I’m going to show you how to get those clients without having to spend all your time on social media.

Like I say, I’m going to give you the exact email to send that will make your dream clients WANT to hire you.

Seriously: I’ve written it out for you.


To make sure you have the best chance of making this work, it would be wrong to just give you the email and leave you to it.

It’s why I’ve created an interactive five-part program in which I’ll walk you through my whole pitching process.

It means you can not only steal the email I’ve used to pitch huge clients, but you can copy my whole process.

You can use it to build your own portfolio of copy-hungry clients who are beating down your door to hire your services.

You’ll discover a world where you can live to your own schedule…

…write when it suits you…

…and work on ideas that excite you, on the things you care about.

Most importantly — you’ll get paid handsomely for it too.

You can finally stop using social media as a desperate way to get paid and use it to just be social again.

Copywriters from around the world email me almost every day asking how to get more clients.

Thing is, I can see they are ALL making the same mistake when it comes pitching for copywriting gigs.

Maybe you’re guilty too.

Let’s see…

Answer me these questions:

  • Are most of your connections on social media other copywriters?
  • Do you say you’re a copywriter when pitching clients?
  • Do you specifically ask for work in your pitch email?

Be honest.

If the answer is yes to even one of those questions, you’re likely making the same mistakes as everyone else.

Good news is it’s an easy fix.

In fact today, I can show you how to fundamentally change your approach to landing clients so you can start to pick and choose who you want to work with.

As well as giving you my ‘Instant Response’ template, I’ll reveal to you:

  • How doing the opposite to everyone else on social media will have an immediate impact on the number of potential clients you can reach out to — this helped me secure one of my biggest clients, a client that even has a Dragon from ‘The Den’ on its board.
  • Why insulting a potential client could significantly increase the chance of them taking a meeting with you to discuss work — this simple approach pushed me into a whole new tax bracket because I was earning too much.
  • How giving away your best ideas for free is the best way to secure clients who will keep coming back to hire you time and time again — this counter-intuitive idea meant that I could pay for renovations on my house with just two days’ work.

If you’re fed up with feeling like you’re wasting your time promoting yourself on social media…

If you’re fed up with feeling like you’re being constantly ignored by every client you reach out to…

And if you’re fed up with feeling like you’re missing out on the copywriting lifestyle you were promised…

Help is here.

Like I said, my name is Glenn Fisher.

I’ve been writing copy for roughly 20 years now.

My sense of time is terrible and I’m in massive denial about how old I’m getting, so I prefer to keep it vague.

But during that time, I’ve written copy for almost every kind of company and in every niche you can imagine.

I’ve written copy for clients in the financial publishing industry for the Agora in the UK, the US and Australia. In fact, my copy has even been translated into French.

I’ve written copy for clients in the property industry, selling office space in Canary Wharf in London, buildings on Fifth Avenue in New York and million-pound science park developments for Oxford University.

I’ve written copy for clients in the health industry, in education, in data management, in mining, in marketing… you name it, I’ve written it.

Believe it or not, I’ve even written copy to sell strands of Elvis’ hair.

But I’ll say this…

I thought making six figures from writing copy was a myth and something only BS merchants spouted…

Only when I hit that level, I realised it was true and it does happen (and that VAT returns are a nightmare).

I should have known you CAN have an incredibly successful career as a copywriter.

I mean, in the last few years I’ve written copy for several multi-millionaires…

I’ve ghost-written for one of the most famous politicians in the world…

And these days publicly listed companies turn to me for advice on how to better engage with their customers.

I single-handedly launched the most popular podcast dedicated to copywriting on iTunes and interviewed legends like Steve Harrison, Rory Sutherland, Cindy Gallop, Trevor Robinson, Vikki Ross, and Nils Leonard.

I once got Drayton Bird so drunk at a private party in Florida that I had to negotiate with the owner of a Palm Beach mansion to let Drayton stay over and sleep it off.

And this is all from a standing start in Grimsby.

That’s right…

At the age of 25 I lived in the arse-end of nowhere and didn’t know anything about copywriting.

But now, thanks to my understanding of how to get gigs and get paid, I live a life I never dreamed I’d live (and my family still don’t really understand what the hell happened).

Bottom line is:

It’s a secret that all the most successful copywriters in the world know and use for themselves.

And it’s a secret I’d like to share with YOU today.

But before I do, I’ve got to confess something…

This secret is not complicated.

And it is not difficult to put into action.

When you hear it, you’ll kick yourself for not figuring it out sooner. (It’s a lot to do with discipline, which the course will help you with.)

But hundreds… maybe thousands of copywriters make the same mistake when it comes to pitching clients…

This is a chance to stop being one of them.

This is YOUR chance to give yourself an edge over all the other copywriters out there still listening to the macho copy-bro BS merchants and LinkedIn fools feeding them a load of nonsense.

With my straight forward and simple approach…

You’ll learn how to identify the clients who are right for you – and who’ll pay good money for your work…

How to get a foot in the door at multi-million-pound companies – and start pulling in regular, recurring revenues…

And how to keep all your clients happy and coming back for more – and even pay you a royalty for your work.

In short, I’ll teach you how to get clients, get paid, and get good.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Copywriters have been begging me to do this for a while.

If I had a top hat for every copywriter whose asked me the secret to successfully landing clients…

Well, I’d have a lot of top hats.

I’ve thought about sharing my ‘Instant Response’ template before and have told some copywriters directly…

But people always missed out a key element of the process or rushed ahead and tried to take shortcuts.

It’s why I knew I had to figure out a way to be able to sit down and walk people through the whole process, not just the easy bits.

Now, I finally have.

I’ve designed an interactive program that — if you follow it step by step — could help you land paying clients ON REPEAT.

There are five steps, which I’ve broken down into five sections, each with a simple task for you to complete before you move on to the next stage and pitch your dream client.

The process looks like this:

Step 1: Prepare for success

You’ll discover how the most successful copywriters in the industry follow a radically different approach to get clients and keep them. You’ll see what steps you need to take to start using this secret strategy for yourself

  • TUTORIAL #1: Level up your life as a copywriter
  • TASK #1: What does success look like to you?
  • TASK #2: The first step to securing your dream client

Step 2: Change your mindset

You’ll learn how the vast majority of copywriters are making a huge fundamental mistake when it comes to finding clients. You’ll see how to make sure you’re not falling into this career-killing trap.

  • TUTORIAL #2: The social media trap and how to avoid it
  • TASK #3: Making connections that count

Step 3: Become a solutions person

Here you’ll unlock the secret to making clients come to you for work. In this section, you’ll discover how to transform yourself into an idea machine that keeps clients coming back time and time again.

  • TUTORIAL #3: Ideas that are impossible to ignore
  • TASK #4: Engagement-focused brainstorming

Step 4: Pitch clients

If you’re fed up of having all your pitches rejected or completely ignored, in this section you’ll see how to change things. Here you’ll discover what clients really want and get access to my ‘Instant Response’ template that’s proven to attract clients even from cold emails.

  • TUTORIAL #4: The secret to pitching clients
  • TASK #5: Craft and send your pitch to clients
  • TEMPLATE #1: Instant Response Email

Step 5: Write better, faster

This final section is the most important. You’ll learn how to write faster, more engaging, and more persuasive copy. In this final part of the course, you’ll go away with practical advice on how to turn yourself into an A-list copywriter.

  • TUTORIAL #5: Better copy before breakfast
  • TASK #6: The single best way to write better copy
  • TUTORIAL #6: Next steps to success

Follow each step and I’m pretty sure you’ll land a new paying client before you get chance to thank me.

A word of warning:

This is all VERY different to the kind of advice you’ll see peddled around elsewhere.

That’s kind of the whole point.

Frankly, I’m shocked by how much BAD copywriting advice there is out there

My mate and business partner Nick calls it “the biggest scam in copywriting.”

I’m sure you’re familiar with it:

There are hundreds of so-called experts out there who’ll tell you the best way to land clients is to post more on social media.

Or to start an e-letter about copywriting.

Or – God forbid – to create your own digital product.

It’s all, to quote Nick, “utter f**king bullshit”.

None of it gets you any closer to unlocking the real benefits of copywriting – the income, the freedom or the success.


Because all those things involve pitching your work to OTHER COPYWRITERS!

Take a step back and you begin to see why that’s so dumb.

Other copywriters are NOT your customers.

They’re never going to pay you tens of thousands of pounds or dollars or euros to write copy for them, are they?

So why bother?

Instead, following my approach will actually help you get new work coming in the door every week – starting with the email you can literally copy and paste and use to get clients.

But the question is: how much will it cost you to get access to my ‘Instant Response’ template and the whole five part programme that walks you through the whole process?

It’s obviously not free.

It’s taken me 20 years to figure it out, develop it, test it and make sure it works.

I’d be a fool to give it away.

So, before I tell you, let me ask you a question…

Let’s be ultra-conservative about this…

Let’s say you land just one new client using my approach who is happy to hire you for just three days a month.

And let’s say they pay you £500 a day.

(That’s much less than I’d charge and much less than I think you can get. But let’s use that figure…)

Three days a month at £500 a day puts you at £1,500 a month.

Over the year, that’s £18,000 extra in your pocket thanks to my help.

Remember, I’m being conservative here — just one new client paying you for just THREE days a month.

But even so, using the approach you’ll discover today could be worth £18,000 a year to you (or roughly $23,000).

Land five clients and it could rise to £90,000 a year (or roughly $114,000).

Land ten clients and you’d be taking home some serious figures,  £180,000 a year (or roughly $228,000).

So, on that basis… on the potential income this could generate for you… I think it would be fair to charge you around the £995 mark for this kind of support.

I mean, I usually charge businesses around £5,000 just for a day of my time — and creating this course took much longer than that.

Still, I know what it’s like to be where you are now and worried about making ends meet.

It’s hard to risk money now to make it back in the future.

I get it.

So, I’m not going to charge anywhere near £995.

To help you land your next paying client, I’m only charging £295 for this.

Just £295.

And that’s a one-time-only payment.

No hidden fees.

No recurring costs.

And it includes VAT, so there’s no extra sting at the checkout.

Just pay £295 today to get full and unlimited access to the whole programme and you can download my ‘Instant Response’ template today.

And, if you get access today, in the next 24 hours, I’ll also send you a bonus masterclass to master the most important skill any copywriter needs.

Hopefully that all sounds reasonable…

And if so…

You can get go straight to the checkout page now and get access.

But what would your other half say if you spent that money on this?

Well, if it were my partner asking, the first thing they’d say wonder is:

Simple answer is yes.

Here’s what is going on here, when we strip everything away…

As someone who’s landed paying clients worth thousands of pounds a month, I’ve sat down and prepared and recorded more than two hours of personal guidance and tasks that show you how to copy me.

I’ve shared exactly what I would do in your situation. I’ve shared exactly what I did to land clients.

Even so, I’ve road-tested this with fellow copywriters to make sure it all makes sense and to iron out any questions people might be coming to this for the first time.

It’s also worth remembering that a huge part of my career is based around teaching and supporting copywriters like you — so it doesn’t make any sense for me to rip you off.

The truth is I’d like you to spend MORE money with me in the future. I run events and bootcamps that cost way more than what I’m charging for this. We’re currently organising one in France that’ll cost more than £10,000 a ticket.

And so, when you invest in me today, I want you to think what you receive is good.

I want you to think £295 is good value.

Frankly, I want you to recommend it to other copywriters (just not before you’ve secured all the clients you want for yourself).

Of course, it’s a good idea to look at what other people say about me too.

So let’s do that…

Richard Bull, former Head of Copy at Laithwaite’s Wine says:

“If you want to write to sell and pay your bills, follow Glenn Fisher’s advice.”

Freelancer copywriter Lewis Folkard says:

“Glenn is weird.”

Hmm. Ignore that. Consider instead, Jim Rickards, a best-selling author, and former Pentagon adviser (!!!) says I’m:

“…a man of many talents. I highly recommend Glenn’s services to any writer or publisher.”

Another freelance copywriter, Matt Hall, says:

“Without Glenn’s advice, I’m not sure I’d have been able to grow a sustainable freelance career from scratch.”

Legendary Agora and Stansberry copywriter and founder of The Copywriter’s Roundtable, John Forde, says:

“Glenn is among the best in the UK at this. Maybe anywhere.”

And Giles Edwards, the creative director at marketing agency Gasp! says I’m:

“Dangerously likeable.”

In fact, to prove that last point, here’s something I think you’ll like a lot…

I’m going to make this decision even easier for you…

I was just doing some research in the middle of writing this invitation and I was shocked by how much copywriting “gurus” charge for stuff.

It’s insane.

There are people out there charging thousands for advice that I know is BS because I’ve worked with the people who are flogging it, and they don’t know crap about copywriting.

So, I’m going to make this a no-brainer.

This already costs way less than most similar courses out there, but whatever…

Let’s give those bicep-crunching weirdos and all the doddery old washouts who don’t even write copy anymore a real pain in the neck…

If you’re one of the first 50 people to take me up on my offer, I’m going to reduce the price even further and knock another £50 off the price.


You can get access to this today for just £245.

To be clear, you will get unlimited access to:

  • More than two hours of video tutorials with me
  • All the tasks I’ve set to prepare you for pitching to your dream clients
  • A download of my ‘Instant Response’ email template
  • A series of bonus videos and masterclasses, which I’ll detail below
  • My weekly email newsletter in which me and my copywriting partner share ongoing copywriting advice

And it will all only cost you a one-time payment today of just £245…

But only if you’re one of the first 50 to respond to this invitation today.

You could land your next paying client before the end of next week that pays for this five times over.

Like one copywriter I’ve helped wrote to me to report:

“Since being mentored by Glenn – I’ve landed two big financial copy gigs and essentially increased my income by a third, as a direct consequence of their help. And all within the first two months of working with him.”

Duncan Moreland, Copywriter

If you’d like to join Duncan and countless other copywriters who are landing more gigs thanks to the staggeringly simple client-attracting techniques you’ll learn today…

Click on this link to get access to the course today, or hit the ‘Buy Now’ button below…

1. You don’t want to roll your sleeves up and put a bit of work in

Once you’re set up, the process is one you can follow repeatedly to get new clients. But it does require you to take a little time at the start and do what I say. If you can’t be arsed to spare a few hours on this, do not sign up for the course as you’ll only waste your money and my time.

2. You want to waste your time posting generic copywriting advice on LinkedIn

I’ve got nothing against using social media to connect with other people and socialise, but if ALL you ever want to do is figure out new ways to add to the infinite noise online and pretend sharing carousels will somehow pay for your mortgage or your rent, then please, have at it and don’t buy this course.

3. You are already really happy with the number of clients you have

I mean, I’ve got to wonder why you’re still reading this if that is the case. Are you insane? Or maybe it’s research, seeing how other copywriters market stuff, which would make sense. But then you should probably sign up to see how the product is fulfilled too. Unless you are just weird and you’re reading this for relaxation purposes. But yeah, if you’re already happy with the clients you have, you don’t need to buy this. Duh!

4. You don’t like me and think I’m a dick

It happens. I’m a weird person. But if you already know you don’t like me, do not buy this course. You’re going to hear a lot from me in all the videos I’ve recorded for you and if you already hate me, this course will not be good for your blood pressure.

5. You can’t afford to pay £245

Sadly I need to make some money from this so I can continue to provide support to copywriters, so I can’t give it away for free. And if you can’t afford to pay for my help in this form, don’t break the bank or borrow money — that’s the last thing you should do. Though this isn’t the right option for you right now, you will find plenty of free advice on my weekly podcast called The Fix. Check that out instead.

Are you ready to get started on landing your next paying client?

Remember, if you land just ONE new client who’s willing to pay you a decent day rate…

You could add thousands to your copywriting income every month.

I know this works because I’ve used the same approach — and the very same ‘Instant Response’ template to land paying clients myself.

Don’t forget… I’m relying on you to go through the whole process properly and not skip past any of the tasks I set you.

Because if you do, I believe next month could be the most lucrative month in your copywriting career so far.

But enough of the what ifs…

Let’s make this happen…

Let’s get started…

Best wishes,

Glenn Fisher
The Fix

P.S. I mentioned I’ve organised some bonuses, so you’ll get even more out of this than you anticipate.

There are a few secret ones in there, but to give you a hint at what to expect, I’ve roped in three secretly successful copywriters who you don’t often see talking on social media.

I sat down with them to record exclusive interviews for this course and share their biggest tips for landing paying clients.

There are three guests, and you’ll be able to watch the interviews as soon as you get access today.

P.P.S. And one final thing… using my approach to landing clients works in such a way that those clients will want to keep working with you long into the future…

But even so, there are ways to keep clients happy and make sure you develop your relationship with them in a positive way.

I’ve detailed my approach to keeping clients happy and keeping copy revisions down to a minimum in a special 40-minute video masterclass that you’ll get access to as part of the course.

It won’t cost you an extra penny — it’s just a bonus I’ve thrown in because I think it will be helpful and is relevant to the course itself.

So, just to recap, here’s everything you’ll receive, including the bonuses, when you get access to The Secretly Successful Copywriter:

Keith Bohan, Copywriter

“I’d been spinning my wheels as a freelance financial copywriter for a couple of years, with moderate success. I had so many questions but was limited to questionable Reddit threads or decades old books. Whatever your level, I’ll tell you now: The Fix is what you need. You need to be writing copy and getting it reviewed. You need to have questions answered quickly, so your days aren’t derailed. You need a community so you don’t go insane. There’s just no other way to get better this quickly. It’s so rare to find people with this amount of expertise who are so generous with their knowledge. On top of that, Nick and Glenn are just nice people. Ordinary lads who’ve had extraordinary success and want to share it. Copywriting is a tough enough job without making it more difficult. This will get your career on track so you can get better, fast.”

Lewis Folkard, Copywriter

“Nick’s cool. Glenn’s weird. The community? Amazing. But seriously, having Nick, Glenn, and a wonderful bunch of copywriters on the other end of the keyboard is a real lifeline. Being able to ask (and see other folks’) questions about copy, funnels, and clients – and then get solid feedback – regularly helps me out. The Accelerator videos are also super helpful, and I often revisit them for a quick refresh. In short, The Fix Accelerator is like the antidote to my imposter syndrome. And, with just the right amount of weirdness, it gives me the confidence I otherwise wouldn’t have to hit “send” on client work and feel proud of it. Thanks guys, you’re both legends.”

Aisha Farndon, Copywriter

“You know when you subscribe to yet another group or app and you berate yourself when the bank pings you to tell you another payment’s gone out? (All those “It’s only a nice bottle of wine, why not?” payments soon add up…) I don’t get that when I see the payment for The Fix go out. Actually, sometimes the Catholic guilt creeps in as I think they’re undercharging. You may not feel the same if you’re looking for quick hacks. The community is full of copywriters who know it’s not that easy – even if we’re all in different niches and at different levels.  The masterclasses go into detail and higher-level stuff you don’t find elsewhere. I often can’t make the live calls because of my childcare days but, when I have, they’ve been so helpful. (Yeah, it made me feel a little sick inside showing my draft copy and realising how much improvement it needed but the client LOVED IT.) But the community on its own is worth it. You can bounce ideas off people who really know their stuff on the copy side and business side of pricing strategies.  Thanks Nick and Glenn!”

Nicola Joyce, Copywriter

“Can I give an official and very heartfelt THANK YOU to the Fix & this group for the support. I’m still bad at pricing but I’m now confidently pitching fees much higher than I would be if I wasn’t in the Fix. Partly confidence, partly seeing what others do, partly direct advice.”

Henrik Schlegel, Copywriter

“For years, I’ve been looking for a „copy mate“ with whom I can discuss copy. And now I have two of them. Plus, they are two of the best! And even though they both speak English (while I write in German) and I’ve only been watching as they improve other copy, my writing is already much better again. It’s hard to believe how good it will be when I get direct feedback from Nick & Glenn.”

Tom Render, Copywriter

“Working with Nick and Glenn has been great. In my opinion, there’s no quicker way to improve your copywriting than getting feedback on your work. I’ve tried a bunch of different copy ‘review’ and coaching programs and most rush through the critiques and push you to watch a video. The Fix Academy is different. Nick and Glenn take the time to review your copy line by line. They break it down and really work with you to improve. I feel like I get better with every round of reviews. As a freelancer, having this level of feedback gives me the confidence to defend my copy when presenting to clients. And it means I can constantly pitch new projects with conviction.”

Alex Boulter, Copywriter

“Nick and Glenn, between them, have an extremely deep knowledge of all things copywriting, and if you’re looking to quickly improve your writing, I don’t know of a better way than to join The Fix Academy. If you’re trying to break into financial copywriting, working with Nick and Glenn will give you the full experience of working with a copy chief to take your copy from the initial research and idea stage to the point where it could be sent to a publisher… but only if you put in the work.”

Daryl Bennett, Copywriter

“Joining The Fix Academy has made me a better copywriter. Every piece of copy I get reviewed is improved. I understand the industry more thanks to Nick and Glenn’s advice. And my confidence as a writer is growing. I wouldn’t have got so far, so quickly without them.”

Filip Stojanovic, Copywriter

“Glenn and Nick don’t only teach you how to write copy – they teach you how to think about copy. Sentence by sentence, line by line. They make sure each word in your copy has a purpose. Nothing goes to waste. What’s more, they answered everything I wanted to know about pitching prospects, sticking out with your cold outreach, finding who to target… This puts you ahead of 99% of freelancers who rely on “spray and pray” acquisition methods. These guys have been in direct response trenches for decades. Having even a decent copywriter give you feedback accelerates your progress… imagine what it’s like with two Agora powerhouses.“

Duncan Moreland, Copywriter

“Since being mentored by both Glenn and Nick – I’ve landed two big financial copy gigs and essentially increased my income by a third, as a direct consequence of their help. And all within the first two months of working with them. Specifically, they’ve helped me with who to approach for work, how to better price myself, and the writing process itself. Especially helpful are Nick’s models and frameworks for understanding – and writing – copy that converts and Glenn’s ability to go through copy and improve it line by line. I’m not new to this – I’ve been writing copy for 10+ years, but I’ve learned A LOT from them.”

You’re still here?

It’s the end.

It’s time. Be bold. Go for it…

The Fix
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