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  1. Copywriting scam alert

    by Nick O’Connor I’m afraid you’re being lied to. And it really needs to stop. Like, right now. Here’s how the lie – which after 15 years in the industry I’ve concluded is the easily the biggest scam in the world of copywriting – plays out in real time. So you decide you want to […]

  2. Disruption shouldn’t stop at your headline

    When we talk about disruption, we usually think of that initial moment when we aim to grab someone’s attention. We think about an intriguing subject line… A bold and shocking headline. Or perhaps a controversial opening paragraph. We know by saying something weird or wonderful in that opening gambit – or even something strange and […]

  3. You’re marketing to the wrong people

    This might upset some readers. But I’m going to be honest. Ready? If you’re a copywriter looking for work… STOP marketing yourself to other copywriters. STOP sharing tips on how to write copy. STOP trying to “build your brand.” The time most copywriters spend doing this through social media is an absolute waste. The most successful […]

  4. James Joyce’s bad advice

    James Joyce wrote: “…a book in my opinion should not be planned out beforehand, but as one writes it will form itself.” But then he wrote Finnegan’s Wake, which is a big bag of insane, and, let’s face it, Ulysses is pretty… well… we’ll say sprawling. So, while he may be one of the greatest writers who ever lived — and […]

  5. Hitler was a failed copywriter

    I can’t imagine you’ll see too many posts with that headline. But Nick and I like to do things differently at The Fix. You know that by now. So, what possible justification do I have for talking about bloody Hitler? Well, in brainstorming strange ideas for #FixFest, the always incredible Paolo Cabrelli (copywriter and Publisher at Southbank Investment Research) […]

  6. Even Superman gets anxious

    Superman is a pretty tough guy. He can bend steel with his bare hands. He can fly around the earth to reverse time. He can even make the milk in your oat flat white extra hot just by looking at it. But, sometimes, it all gets a bit much, even for him. This is when […]

  7. A lesson in scarcity with Simeon Stylites

    Simeon Stylites was born around 390AD and lived until 2nd September 459AD when he died on top of the forty-five-foot stone pillar he’d decided to live on for thirty-seven years for the last thirty-seven years of his life. Yes, he lived on top of a pillar for thirty-seven years. And he died there. And yes, […]

  8. Old masters

    “A recent study of the advertising now running in our leading magazines shows that less than 20% of the campaigns have a U.S.P.” A U.S.P is a unique selling proposition. It’s something that sets a product or service apart from the competition. But you know that. And you probably know — deep down — that […]

  9. That time Karl Marx stole my baby

    – Nick O’Connor, in Washington DC “The thing that holds most copywriters back is simple… “They just don’t want to admit it to themselves. So we have to push them. Make them realise where they’re going wrong.” I’m in Berlin. It’s the summer of 2018. And I’m at a meeting of Agora Publishers. Once a […]

  10. Your copy is boring

    Copywriters can be precious people… I should know. I am one. And sure, tell me my copy doesn’t work or that I could do something better and once upon a time I would have sulked for a week. Yup, I used to be like that. But these days, I’ve calmed down. I’d like to think […]