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Former Agora Publisher Nick O’Connor and best-selling author Glenn Fisher invite you to…

Take your copywriting career to the next level by joining our own private copy network

The secret to sky-high earning power and landing high-profile projects is knowing the “right” people.

It’s why today, we’re inviting you to get access to a little black book of industry insiders – and copy expertise – we’ve taken decades to build up…

Fellow Copywriter,

If you feel like there’s something stopping you from getting to the next level in your career, then please read this very carefully.

Because I’ve been where you are right now.

I know what it’s like to want to make that next big step… but not knowing how.

Just like you, I’m a copywriter. I know how it feels…

You’re just starting out, feeling like you’ll never quite crack into the industry and really start earning and progressing…

Then you’re a junior writer trying to sharpen your skills, build your book and get some real experience…

Then you want your ads to really stand out from your colleagues and competitors, so you’ll start getting the credit (and money) your work deserves…

Then you’re put in charge of a team, but have no bloody idea how to hire, train or develop new writers (which is easily the hardest job on any senior copywriters’ plate)…

Then you want to take the plunge and go freelance, but worry you don’t have the connections to take that step…

At every stage of a copywriter’s career, it’s tough.

And look, I get it.

I remember feeling like an outsider, desperate to get inside a big business and learn how it all really worked.

Then an imposter, once I finally got a job.

Then a bit of a fraud, when I was put in charge.

And when I took the plunge and went freelance… I definitely doubted myself a little, though I don’t like to admit it.

So believe me when I say…

At some point in the last fifteen-odd years, Nick or I have both felt like this.

We know how you’re feeling.

And no matter what stage of the journey you’re at… we think we can help.

That’s what this invitation is all about.

Now, before you ask, no, I’m not here to sell you a book, a new copy course, or some secret turnkey ‘system’ that’ll 10x your copy.

You can get plenty of that sort of stuff elsewhere.

And truth is, there isn’t some closely guarded ‘one size fits all’ formula to persuading someone to do something.

If you’ve watched The Fix already, you’ll know that’s true.

There is no downloadable ‘magic template’ you can follow every time that will always keep readers engaged.

And there is no one ‘magnum opus’ book that can teach you everything you need to know.

(I wrote a best-selling one myself and still admit there are things I couldn’t cover.)

This is much bigger than any of that

Today, instead of trying to sell you some helpful but ultimately limited product, I’m inviting you to be a part of something that Nick and I have been working on for more than a decade.

I’m serious.

It began as an idea we’d discuss in pubs on the banks of the Thames in Putney, where we both lived back then.

Nick and I would sit there, pints in hand, setting the world to rights.

But we’d also talk copy.

At the time we were being trained by some of the best in the direct-response business, legends like financial publisher Bill Bonner and AWAI founder Mark Ford.

We’d get to meet the likes of Drayton Bird… discuss marketing funnels with Rich Schefren… talk big ideas with copywriting greats like Mike Palmer, John Forde, and Bob Bly.

And we loved it.

We’d fly out to the US and spend time on the beaches of Miami, or in the casinos of Las Vegas between training sessions.

We’d spend weeks hidden away in sixteenth-century French chateaus, taking walks into sleepy Normandy villages between debates about headlines and discount offers.

In fact, we’ve talked copy with experts in Berlin, Dublin, Dubai, Barcelona… all over the world.

Before long, we were considered experts ourselves. We wrote—and still write—copy that makes millions around the world.

Today our copy transforms businesses and helps make brands household names.

But here’s the thing…

All through our careers, we’ve kept on learning. And we’ve kept on connecting with experts in the industry.

I’ve discussed copy with the likes of Rory Sutherland, Nils Leonard, Cindy Gallop, Vikki Ross, and Trevor Robinson — the people behind the most recognised adverts in the world today.

But all through the years Nick and I kept coming back to the table to discuss the same recurring idea.

The real secret to succeeding as a copywriter is not what you expect…

We’ve always had this thought that there is a better way to help copywriters than anything else that’s out there.

It’s a simple idea. But we’ve always been convinced it’s a project that — if we could pull it off — would be like a secret weapon for fellow copywriters, regardless of where they were at in their own careers at the time.

Because the thing is, when things go well, copywriting is just about the best career you can possibly have…

The money… the freedom… the lifestyle… it’s ALL true

The problem is, the industry has been swamped with wannabees, phonies, and bullshitters who use all this to sell you their ‘system’.

You know the ones. They usually try and sell you on the idea you can “Make $10k a month as a copywriter even if you’ve never written a word in your life before.”

That’s bollocks.

And those people – frankly – are parasites.

Chances are, they’ve never written a successful campaign in their life.

If they had, they’d know better than to make claims like that.

But that said, we think there IS a secret to getting ahead as a copywriter… to accelerating your progress, income, and earning power.

Nick and I have been developing this for over a decade

And we’re finally ready to get you involved…

Today we’re inviting you to become a part of our own copywriting network.

This is your chance to learn the secrets of great copywriters and marketers from all over the world…

And to meet with other copywriters, business owners, publishers, and creatives.

Because let me tell you…

Nothing will take your career to the next level – and give you the kind of creative satisfaction, opportunities for progress, or earning power – as tapping into a global network of copy experts.

It’s about what you know AND who you know

Let’s face it…

Copywriting can be a lonely game.

No one really talks about this part. But it’s true.

I’m guessing that like me, when you tell most people you’re a copywriter, they don’t really have a clue what you do, or think you’re involved in copyright law.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

It means, no matter how good you are, and even when you’re working as part of a team, or agency (and especially when you’re working freelance), you can sometimes feel a bit apart from it all.

Yet being able to riff ideas back and forth with other writers is an essential part of being successful in this business.

Even writing this letter, the fact Nick and I can swap ideas back and forth and help each other hone our copy helps make it stronger.

But look, it’s more than just batting copy ideas back and forth…

Being a part of a network like ours helps in so many other ways:

Mark Ford inspired me to change the very way I think about money and investing…

John Forde taught me about how to better manage my time and find the freedom I was looking for…

And Vikki Ross helped connect me and open doors I never imagined I’d be stepping through.

Without these people…

Without these connections…

I simply wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had.

Now we want to bring you into this network, too.

That’s what we’re inviting you to join today.

It’s called The Fix Accelerator. It’s a private, members-only group of copywriters. And our sole goal in bringing this group together is to help you accelerate your progress as a writer.

If you see that in purely financial terms, that’s great. You can absolutely earn £100k or more as a copywriter (a lot more, once you’re established).

We’ll show you how.

But we’ll also show you how to improve your writing, so you land those big ‘high profile’ campaigns everyone is dying to write… we’ll introduce you to some real A-list players in the world of copy… and we’ll show you how to take your writing, and your results, to the next level.

In short, The Fix Accelerator is about having a connection to people who’ve walked the path you’re walking and can help direct you and lift you up along the way.

Whether it’s what you know or who you know…

What we’re offering to help you with today is both.

Does that sound like something that would help you? Something that would help you finally take things to the next level?

I hope so.

The fact is, we could keep listing things we can share with you forever. The training, the ideas, the techniques we use every day.

After the decades we’ve spent in the industry, we’ve got a lot of knowledge and contacts to share.

From my experience, I also know that you’ll already have a feeling about this now, or not.

Either everything I’ve said so far will be leaving you thinking ‘meh’, in which case this isn’t for you…

Or you’ll have already inherently understood what’s on offer here. You’ll see it’s a chance to truly connect and get a real foot in the door. And you’ll be excited about getting involved, excited to see which doors will start opening.

If this isn’t for you — fair enough. It’s not meant to be for everyone.

But if you think it is, then I’m sure you want to get on board and get started.

Still, I need to cover some housekeeping and explain exactly how it’ll work being a member of our private network.

Let’s do that now and then get you involved…

So what do you actually GET
as part of your membership?

Industry insights from real copywriting and marketing insiders

As I said, Nick and I have been in the business for a long time.

We’ve both met a lot of interesting people.

And – given we’re both actively still writing and working with businesses all over the world – our network is always growing.

As a member of The Fix Accelerator, you’ll be able to benefit from that network, too.

Each month we’ll invite a new industry expert to join us to share their insights and experience with you.

There are already over 20 interviews waiting for you…

Including interviews with Agora copywriting legend John Forde

Copy Chief at Stansberry Research, Kelly Brown

Copywriting legends like Vikki Ross (Sky)… James Cross (ex-BBC)… and Andrew Boulton (author of Copywriting Is)… Eddie Shleyner (of Very Good Copy fame)… and so many more.

You’re going to be hearing from some of THE best copywriters, creative directors, and business owners in the world.

That might be a copy chief like Annabelle Ford who is hiring new writers…

Or a legendary copywriter like Kim Krause Schwalm revealing how to approach your next piece of writing…

Or a marketer like Grant Perry who we spoke to recently, discussing what’s actually working out there in the market right now (this kind of ‘on the ground’ intelligence can be priceless).

This is a network that’s taken us decades in the industry to build up.

But you’ll start benefiting from it right away.

A monthly Copywriting Masterclass, followed by an “Ask Us Anything” session

No matter how long you’ve been writing copy, you can always improve.

There’s always some new technique, idea, trend, or format to add to your copy toolkit.

And our mission in these tutorials is to help you constantly improve and sharpen your copy skills.

Every month we’ll share a detailed, in-depth tutorial on one aspect of the copywriting world.

This could be something as simple as improving your research or sharpening up your headline.

It could be a new way to generate ideas for a promotion, campaign, or blog post.

It might involve mastering a new format, like a webinar, interview, or VSL.

In fact, there are already more than 20 masterclasses waiting for you when you join.

These sessions are all ready for you now.

You could be getting stuck into them in the next 30 minutes. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to see how to start your membership.

But we have a lot more coming.

And as we move forward, you’ll be able to contact us with extra questions and suggestions. We’ll let you know what we’re planning to cover in advance, and you’ll be able to submit questions for us to answer in advance too, and make requests.

Because that’s a part of this. It’s a two-way street. We WANT to hear from you. We want to talk to you, answer your questions, and help tailor what we’re doing to your own goals and challenges.

A free ticket to our Fix Accelerator Socials

Fancy a drink?

How many great ideas have started with those words?

How many new opportunities… new connections… new campaigns… began over a beer or two?

Put a bunch of creative people in a room together and you just know something interesting will happen.

Probably something a bit stupid.

(Like the time we broke into the basement of a French chateau to find the most expensive wine at 5am. But that’s a story for another day.)

Still, that’s all part of the adventure. And the relationships you build when you’re actually WITH other people in the industry are crucial to your success.

So we want to accelerate that.

We want to buy you a pint. Or a glass of wine. Or a gin. But not all three – that would just be a mess.

So if you want to get your copy reviewed live and in person… or you want to network with other writers and marketers… or you just want to join us for a few drinks…

You’ll want to come along to our socials. We’re going to try and have these two or three times a year. We have the first one lined up for this September.

And as a member of The Fix Accelerator, your ticket (and first drink) will be on the house.

We’d love you to be there.

We’ll share more details with you once you’re all signed up as a member.

A private Discord channel for members

Emails, tutorials, and videos are all well and good.

But a real network is a little more informal than that.

We want you to be able to get in touch with us – and each other – much more easily.

So we’ve set up a private Discord Channel (if you don’t know… Discord is like a private social messaging platform. You can quickly and easily send messages, share pictures, videos, and that sort of thing).

TRIGGER WARNING: It’s a crazy channel, for a number of reasons (writers are a weird bunch).

But I think it’s great. It’s your way of building connections with both us and your fellow members.

Could be a snap review… could be a way of sharing a job opportunity… or reviewing a piece of copy that’s really working. You’ll be able to reach us quickly and easily.

A private episode of The Fix – recorded just for you

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already seen the public copy reviews we share in The Fix.

But look. We know that not everyone wants to have their copy reviewed so publicly.

And that’s fine.

So how about this…

When you join The Fix Accelerator, we’ll review your copy for you… privately.

You send us the copy. We review it on camera and provide suggestions, ideas, and improvements.

And we share that feedback with you – and only you.

So, you get the benefit of a copy review from either Nick or me, or both, without ever having to share your copy in public.

We’ll show you how to submit your copy for review as soon as you join as a member.

Come on, Glenn… what’s this all going to actually cost me?

Chances are you’re thinking about two things right now…

Actually, you’re probably thinking a whole ton of things, some of which have nothing to do with this letter or copywriting…that’s how the brain works, right?

But where this opportunity is concerned, you’re likely thinking about the cost of being a part of something like this versus the payoff.

You’re thinking about what you actually get out of it.

Not literally, like some videos, or a book or whatever…but in terms of how being a part of this will impact your life.

On the cost front, well, frankly, if you’re already freelance, you can write it off as an expense for research.

Or if you work for an agency or a company, you can probably get them to cover it as training.

Besides, as you’ll see, becoming a member of our private copy network isn’t nearly as expensive as you think it might be.

So, cost-wise, you’ll see it’s not an affordability problem.

Still, you’re thinking—quite rightly—that even if you do write it off as a business expense or the company pays for it…is it worth it, or will it be just another unread email in your inbox, another unwatched video, another book gathering dust?

Bottom line: what do you really get out of it?

Well, let me take you back to the start of lockdown here in the UK…

I’d been freelancing for a little while, doing OK but still getting into the swing of things. And as you might already know, going from a good steady salary to random amounts coming in at different times is a weird thing.

Even for someone like me who’s worked in the business for decades, written a best-selling book on copywriting, and even gets recognised in public for being a copywriter (I know, it’s pretty weird…), there was still that fear of the unknown.

And with lockdown coming, the whole damn world in panic mode, AND marketing budgets being slashed left right and centre…I was worried.

I shouldn’t have been.

In almost the first week of lockdown, I landed two of my biggest clients to date. One is an international brand you probably use yourself. The other a company I’ve since gone into business with.

How did it happen?

Did I email anyone? No.

Did I call anyone up asking for a job? No.

Did I write a post on social saying I was available for work? No.

Both gigs came about because someone who was looking for a copywriter spoke to someone who knew me.


Because I’m part of a network.

Because I know people and people know of me, jobs come my way without me having to go looking.

For me, that’s the real power of belonging to a network like this

That’s what Nick and I are really setting up here.

Sure, it helps that I know copy. Nick and I are both experienced copywriters, so yes, we’ll share all of our knowledge with you. There will likely be one or two things that we’ve maybe come across that you haven’t, which will help you improve your own copywriting.

But this project is about more than just teaching you what we know.

It’s about introducing you to who we know too. About opening up our extensive, global network to you so that you not only get to learn from all the same industry insiders we did, but you get to raise your hand too, show your own face and make valuable connections.

I’d like to think that as part of our private network, you’ll one day be telling us how you got a call out of the blue from an international brand that wanted you to write copy for them because they spoke to you at one of our events, or maybe Nick or I mentioned your name at a meeting.

Come on Glenn, I asked you how much it costs…

You did. And now I’m waffling. I’ll stop.

Ten pounds.


That’s the price.

Ten quid.

That’s all we’re charging for this. That £10 (or $12) monthly membership fee gets you everything I’ve told you about today.

You might think we’re crazy. I know Nick thinks we should charge more. And we certainly could charge £500 a year for something like this.

But where’s the fun in that?

The power of a network grows in proportion to its SIZE.

Put another way, the more people who join The Fix Accelerator, the more valuable it’ll be for everyone.

So – £10 a month is all it costs.

That’s it. No discount. No special offer. Just a simple, flat fee.

And don’t expect to be ‘upsold’ to a more expensive product on the next page, either.

The only thing I will say is, as more and more people join The Fix Accelerator, we’ll probably have to raise the price a bit – and stop offering private reviews of your copy.

We just won’t have the capacity.

So moving now definitely makes sense.

But if you get what this is really about, I think you’ll already know that.


It’s decision time – are you in?

I hope so.

In fact, I’m pretty sure you ARE in.

You’re still with me, after all. If you couldn’t see the value in this, you’d have stopped reading ten minutes ago. Unless you’re mad. Or you’re stalking me. Or both.

So let’s talk about how you join.

It’s actually really simple.

See, we’re going to host all the videos, guides, masterclasses, ask me anythings – basically everything – on a site called Patreon.

It’s dead easy to use. You just sign up, pay your first £10 and you’ll get instant access to everything, on your phone or computer.

That means we don’t have to mess around building a paywall or finding a payment processor (which we’d both be useless at). And it means you can sign up quickly and easily.

It also means you can cancel your membership at any time, via Patreon.
Basically, it works for everyone and means we can spend more time bringing you valuable content. Which is as it should be.

All you need to do is CLICK RIGHT HERE and you’ll be taken to our Patreon page. It’ll take about 90 seconds to get your membership set up.

(You can pay in dollars, or any other currency for that matter, if that’s your thing.)

It’s that simple.

So go for it and we’ll carry on this conversation once you’re a member.

Here’s the link you need to sign up:


(What else should we call it? It’s a link. Though if you’re scared of clicking the word link you can click here instead.)

Click it and join us at The Fix Accelerator.

OK. That’s enough chatter from me for now. Let’s take this to the next stage and make you a part of The Fix Accelerator network and get you behind the scenes.

Just hit the link.

And get yourself signed up today.

Speak soon,

Glenn Fisher

The Fix Accelerator

P.S. A PS? You want a PS?

No. You’re not having one.

Come on, now. There’s no need for that. I mean, what are you still doing here?

It’s time to get involved.

Click this link now, for heaven’s sake.

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