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The new client dance

When you send your pitch to a client, chances are: it’s already too late.

The trick to getting new clients as a copywriter starts WAY before that initial message.

If you’re just pitching people with hit-and-hope emails or worse… by slipping unwanted into their DMs on LinkedIn… chances are you’re going to get ghosted.

There’ll be exceptions, sure. But I’m afraid in the vast—VAST!—majority of cases, the nail in your client-attracting coffin is likely the moment you email that client.

It’s tough.

But the fact is the secret to getting new clients starts much earlier.

It’s a dance if you like—the new client dance.

But like in those period dramas where one of the dancers has to dance alone first as if to tempt their partner into joining them…

That’s what it’s like when it comes to attracting copywriting clients.

Before you can ever hope to start dancing with a client… let alone pitching them… there’s some pre-dance preening that you must do alone.

It’s essential.

I explain what it is and offer practical advice and tasks for what to do in my course The Secretly Successful Copywriter.

Don’t worry… it’s all hands-on and literal… I drop the weird dance metaphor.

Otherwise, the aim is to show you exactly what to do BEFORE you pitch a client so that when you do send the email (which I’ll also give you to copy and paste) you’re in the best position to get a positive response.

You can take a look at all the stages I go through here.

I’m just about to take a look through the submissions those already taking the course have made as they work towards pitching their dream clients (as there are a few interactive elements too)…

But if YOU are fed up with having all your pitches ghosted and you want to know what to do BEFORE you pitch…

Take a look at this—it will help. 

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