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You’re marketing to the wrong people

This might upset some readers.

But I’m going to be honest.


If you’re a copywriter looking for work…

STOP marketing yourself to other copywriters.

STOP sharing tips on how to write copy.

STOP trying to “build your brand.”

The time most copywriters spend doing this through social media is an absolute waste.

The most successful copywriters out there are busy working for clients, not marketing themselves to other copywriters.

They’re getting paid huge amounts of money to do the work.

Glenn, you’re scaring me!

Why are you saying this?

Stop! Please stop!

Hold on. I know it’s tough to hear, but I’ve not finished just yet.

Those who are out there building a brand, trying to be a “personality” on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Threads, whatever the latest distraction is…

The vast majority are wasting their time.

Here’s why…

You are not going to get paid big money by other copywriters.

You are going to get paid a lot of money by a client, by a business, by a company, or by an agency.

These are the people you should be marketing yourself to.

But here’s the catch…

They are not on social media to seek copywriters. They will pay to put a job advert out. That’s it. They know people will come to them.

Sure, there are exceptions, as with everything.

But in the vast majority of cases, they’re not going to look on LinkedIn and think, Hey, this person shared a great tip on writing headlines, we should hire them.

It’s just not how it works.

Truth is, the most successful copywriters are the ones you hear nothing about.

So, stop doing it.


OK, at least stop doing it as much.

You obviously don’t have to stop and go cold turkey — I’m being dramatic.

But I’m genuinely trying to help when I say that for at least half the time you would normally spend time wasting on LinkedIn, on Threads, on Twitter, on Instagram… whatever the platform…

Halve it.


If you usually spend two hours, spend one.

If you spend four, spend two.

I know there are other benefits to being on social and interacting with other copywriters, and that’s cool. I’m not trying to be mean or poo-poo everything.

I’m just making the point that the majority of copywriters — and maybe you – spend too much time focusing their energies in the wrong place when looking for work.

So, with the time you save NOT marketing at other copywriters on social…

Spend it marketing to actual clients, real businesses that have money to pay you.

Don’t go to the copywriting conference — go to the business conference for the niche you want to work in.

Don’t connect with your favourite “celebrity” copywriter — connect with the CEO of the company you’d love to pitch.

Don’t email loads of other copywriters pitching your services, email one or two specific clients with personal pitches.

As I say, there are many benefits to connecting with copywriters.

It’s why Nick and I created The Fix, and why we have The Fix Accelerator and The Fix Academy.

We both love talking to copywriters.

I love talking to you.

We go out for drinks. We organise socials. We do live calls every week.

But we do that because we have successful careers and make money writing for big clients.

I want you to have the same success.

The fact you read our emails and follow what Nick and I do makes me feel an obligation to you…

I want to be honest. Share our knowledge. Tell people how to really make it as a copywriter.

Of course, there are many different routes to success and that’s why we share so many voices in The Fix, but I’m convinced one of the biggest mistakes most copywriters make today when it comes to finding work, is that they are essentially marketing themselves into an echo chamber of other copywriters.

This is a problem.

Perhaps, with what we’re doing here at The Fix, we can start to help people find the solution.

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